At my school we have only 2 more days,  until the Christmas holidays! But the most exciting thing is the year 7 GRADUATION!!! Because this is the last year for the year 7 at Primary school so we get a graduation. Next year I am going to Blackwood High. Lots of my friends are going there too, but some arn’t so I’m going to miss them heaps. 🙁



Sports day rejected :(


At our school we have a sports day. It’s were everyone in school comes together and compete in events. We have four different teams. We have the Red team, Yellow team, Blue team and the mighty GREEN TEAM!!! I am in the green team. (Which by the way are the best team ever!) On sports day we do many events eg. spriting, hurdles, long jump, cross country, volleyball, circul gap, coner spry,high jump and more! Sports day i s a really fun event.

But…sports day was supposed to be held in term 1 this year, but the forcast for that day was rainy, so it got posponed until term 4. Right now were in term 4. And sports day was supposed to be two weeks ago. But it got posponed because it was going to be too hot. And now we can’t do it another day because the little kids have to go to this swimming thing that goes through out a week, and us year 7’s have to get rewady for our graduation coming up. So 2011 will never get a sports day. Sad really. But if we did have a sports day…THE GREEN TEAM WOULD TOTALLY WIN!!! WOOH!



Hello once again!

A week ago I was in the school holidays, and I went to Canberra with my friend Rachael and her family. We were staying in Canberra for a week and a bit. We drove there. It took forever.

The first day, we drove all the way from Adelaide through Victoria and into New South Wales. But we were still a very long way away from Canberra. So the first night we stayed in a cabin. The next day was a struggle to get out of bed. ugh. Anyway we left the caravan park early in the morning, and started to drive to Canberra. It was a long day. But we made it to Canberra in the end. We found our caravan park, and then we had to set up the caravan. But it was a shame though because the caravan park wasn’t actually in Canberra, but it was just outside of Canberra. Close enough.

The next day the fun began. And the next day, and the next and next and next. We visited the Royal Australian Mint, Old Parliament house, New Parliament house, Questacon, Australian War Memorail, Canberra walk in Aviary and Black Mountain Tower.  Personaly I thought that the Walk in aviary was scary! Because the birds would sometimes fly to you and sit on your sholder or something. And whenever a bird would fly near me, I would freak out! Anyway I really enjoyed the Mint, Questacon, the war memoraial and Black mountain tower!

Then on the last two days we drove back home. ugh. But I had heaps of fun!


By the way, don’t confuse yourself, The royal Australian mint isn’t actually a mint, mint means money. As in cents.


Singing & more singing

Last week on Thursday night my school’s NZ choir performed at festival theatre in the Coopers bar. We performed all of our songs and some extras. We all did very well. But we did have a problem with our music player thing. When we were 3/4 of the way through one of our songs, This is who I am, the CD player suddenly stopped working, but our choir continued the song without the music! All of our parents thought that that was the best song we performed. (coz’ we continued)

Then the next day our festival choir performed at festival theatre, but we also had a practise in the morning. the soloist and troup were amazing! Especially Madeline who is a soloist for Gundella. She is from our school and she is also a great friend & a neighbour of mine. She was awesome at festival theater! 😉 And her sister Rachael, who is also my best friend was in the troupe! But sadly she didn’t perform on the night we were singing, so I didn’t get to watch her dance. 🙁

But  we all did amazing! But after that no one could speak, after all of that singing. 😉


IB Project

This term the year 6/7 have do participate in the IB challenge. It’s where you need to think of something you want to do for the challenge, and then you have to write a journal. Last year I made a windchime, and i got full marks!!! YAY!!!! And this year I have to do it again. So this year I am making a handbag. It is red & black. So far I have gone about half way through my project. The jornal is really annoying, because there is so much writting to do, but the actual challenge is fun! I hope I do well! 🙂



Silence? Can you survive a whole day of silence? I did.

Hello, once again,

My class & I gave up talking for one day, for the 40 hour famine. The whole school did it. Each class got to choose what to give up for a day. (or they can actually do the 40 hours if they wanted to.) And our class chose to do…no talking!

And yesterday was the 40h famine day!  I didn’t speak at all. But some people talked (accidently). It was fun, but totally annoying because you had to write everything down. 🙁     But still fun!


Pedal Prix

Hello Everyone!

Today I participated in a 6 hour race of pedal prix. It was soooooo fun! We did it at Victoria Park. (I think that’s the place) Our team was spilt up into two groups. One in the morning, one in the afternoon. i was in the morning. I think I did really well, for a first timer. It was sooooooo fun! And I’m glad that my best friend Rachael persuaded me to do pedal prix because it is SOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!


Sorry! I haven’t really done a post lately because I’ve been kinda busy! 😉  So what has been happening? Well,…

Firstly one day after school, we had a CLUSTER DISCO!!!!!!!!!!! What? The cluster disco is where our school and some other schools come together and have a awesome disco! This year we had it at our school! YAY! Anyway it’s for year 6/7’s only! (sorry little year 5’s! LOL!) Every year there is a different theme, last year it was black & white. This year it’s masks! It’s sooooo cool! The music is really loud, so loud that you have to shout to the person next to you so than can…actually hear you! Anyway it was SOOO FUN!!!!! Whooh! SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Then on the last week of school we had a CAMP! YAY! We went to El Shaddai. It was awesome, there were so many different activities, like: archery, rock climbing, vertical challenge, canoeing, games and more!!! My favourite activity was most likely… rock climbing! There was two easy walls, two difficult walls, and a killer one! I survived one easy wall, a difficult wall, but I was soooo close to the killer wall! I lost my strength when I was at the very top! So close. Anyway we had dorms, in my dorm was was Amelia, Erin H and Charlotte! Camp was really fun!!!!!!!!!

And now it’s the HOLIDAYS! Relaxation…sitting around, watching television and two awesome parties! (In the holidays my friends Rachael and Charlotte had their birthdays! So happy birthday! (again!) lol!) and I also went to a swimming centre with Rachael! So the holidays have been cool, so far!

That’s it for now folks!

Year 6/7 Productions!

If you don’t already know, my class is doing a year 6/7 production! (play/performance etc.) Two other classes are doing a play too! Our play is called Cinders! And who plays, Cinders…ME! Every year the year 6/7’s do a performance in a cool theatre, I did one last year too, it was called Robin Good & her merry hoods! It’s really cool because there is lighting, sound and head microphones!

Anyway last Wednesday it was our first practise in the actual theater, it was awesome! But my head microphone was really annoying because it kept on falling of my ear! 🙁  It’s really cool because the stage is big, and us girls had to quickly get changed down stairs for the ball scene. And we practised there for couple of hours then we went back to school.

Last Thursday, in the morning we had a practise and then we performed in front of the school in the theater. It was AWESOME! But today my head microphone wasn’t falling off my ear this time! Wooh! It was all good, we all did a brilliant job!

Thursday evening, this time we performed in front of our parents and friends! It was AWESOME!!!!! Everyone was really good, we all gave it 100% effort! It was soooooo cool!

So now the plays are finished for me, but the year 6’s get to do it again next year! We all did a great job, and that night I will never forget! 🙂

Animal Abuse Poem

In class we had to write a poem about some sort of problem in life that we feel very strongly about. Of course  I choose to do animal cruelty. I feel very strongly about this problem. Here it is.

Animal Abuse

Look at those eyes, the colour of brown.  Now look at the position he’s in, that makes a frown.

For this innocent animal is not the only one in distress, we humans are the ones who cause this mess.

Animal cruelty can effect all animals like cats and bats and dogs and frogs.

Orangutans are in great danger, because their homes get destroyed by strangers.

The poor foxes are killed for their fur, just to make a fluffy coat. To keep away the shivers.

We also kill sheep just for their livers.

Snakes are killed for their skin, to make handbags to sell in the mall.

All of these animals don’t deserve it at all!

How is this fair, we all need to care.

Stop animal abuse, do the animals a favour!